PWT founder evicted from his home for growing medical cannabis

Hawaii's housing crisis makes finding housing especially difficult for registered cannabis patients to find a place to grow their medicine. Like many patients in Hawaii, Director Brian Murphy, who founded PATIENTS WITHOUT TIME, Hawaii's first publicly operated medical marijuana cooperative, established in 2003, was illegally coerced to flee his home of over 4 years, by a mainland property investor, who illegally demanded an excessive rent increase and demanded that Murphy stop growing his medical cannabis plants.

Murphy's troubles began when his mainland landlord heard rents were going up in Hawaii, so she flew over to Hawaii to have a look at her investment properties and raise rents, and then she decided to get rid of all medical cannabis plants from her properties, despite the fact that landlords are required to allow registered medical cannabis patients to grow cannabis.

At first inspection, she had no complaint about Director Murphy’s legally registered grow-site, which Murphy had been using to produce free videos on issues surrounding growing medical cannabis, in Hawaii. Murphy had been peacefully growing his medical cannabis on her property for over 4 years.

However, when her real estate adviser told her that cannabis growing on her property would lower her property value, she changed her tune. Suddenly, she announced that she forbids any cannabis plants on her property. Disregarding the fact that the landlord's demand to stop growing cannabis violates Hawaii state Landlord-tenant laws, she remained undaunted further demanding that Murphy's grow site be removed immediately, and all cannabis plants be removed from her property. She also demanded that Mr. Murphy agree to a 50% increase in rent in only 3 months. Then she began piling on other erroneous reasons to break Director Murphy's lease.

To be sure to force Brian Murphy to move out, the mainland landlord made hearsay criminal accusations that Director Murphy made threats to commit assault with a deadly weapon. This, phoned in from the mainland, accusation caused the Maui Police Department to send 3 patrol cars to fill Director Murphy’s driveway., on the same day he was served an eviction notice.

police filled my driveway

A short investigation by police revealed that the new property manager, who the landlord said had made the accusations, stated that Director Murphy had not threatened her, and there had been only a small dispute over parking. The police told Director Murphy that he had nothing to fear, there were no accusations against him.

The landlord was well aware that Director Murphy was still under probation, from an arrest for his operation of Patients Without Time, back in 2008, so the site of police lined up in his driveway was extremely distressing. If Director Murphy were charged with a crime he would go directly to jail, until his court date, without the possibility of bail.

For his own safety, Mr. Murphy was coerced to move immediately. Director Murphy has filed a Discrimination Complaint against LPE LLC, and it’s property manager, and it’s real estate advisor, in Hawaii Civil Right Commission Case # RE-M-1136.
UPDATE: January 2018; Brian Murphy and cotenant, filed RICO complaints against his landlord, and her real esate adviser.

Know your rights when GREEN HARVEST shows up

UPDATE: Hawaii Registered medical cannabis patients, and/or their caregivers, may now grow up to 10 medical cannabis plants. GREEN HARVEST the summer of 2016 felt like a military assault on our peaceful Maui neighborhoods. If you hear helicopters circling your house ... no worries - if you are in compliance you have nothing to fear from GREEN HARVEST. They will let you keep all your plants if they are tagged and within the legal limits. We look forward to the day when growing cannabis is completely legal, but until then stay in compliance and hopefully you will be fine! Watch a video of GREEN HARVEST in action.
The 2009 Hawaii Legislature Congratulates PWT for helping Maui's medical marijuana patients "acquire" thier medicine.

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