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Director Brian Murphy of Patients Without Time

In 2004, Brian Murphy founded Patient's Without Time, on Maui, and opened Hawaii's first publicly operated dispensary, to help patients acquire safe access to a consistent supply of high-quality medical cannabis. Over the years, Brian has been beaten, arrested, prosectued, and incarcerated for his efforts. He was also congratulated by the 2009 Hawaii Legislature for his work helping medical cannabis patients "acquire" their medicine.


In April 2017, PWT’s Director Brian Murphy was again punished for his medical cannabis activism, when he was coerced from his home for legally growing cannabis.  Brian's mainland property owner was informed by her real etate agent that cannabis on her property would lower the value, and make it harder to sell, so she became so intent on ridding her property of cannabis plants that she threatened to destroy his greenhouse, call in the DEA, and even seize his medical marijuana plants!

Director Murphy had to hastily evacuate the property after the mainland landlord phoned spurious criminal accusations into the Maui Police, which sent 3 police officers to Brian's home to investigate. Director Murphy is still on probation from charges resulting from his operation of Patients Without Time, ten years ago. These false allegations could have sent Mr. Murphy back to jail, without the possibility of bail, so he fled the property for his own safety.

Director Murphy has been a medical cannabis activist since the 1970's when he discovered that cannabis was a safe and efffective treatment for his epileptic migraine seisures and the injury he incurred during his military service. From Washington DC to the Hawaiian islands, Brian been steadfastly dedicated to helping cannabis patients learn learn about multitude of benefits that medical cannabis has to offer.


Medical cannabis patients all over Hawaii are suffering the same kind of prejudice and discrimination against their disabilities. We must push back!




Director Murphy talks about Hawai'i's marijuana laws

on the Crossroads show with Lucienne De Naie

Few patients can actually grow their own marijuana, so most patients buy from the black market. Keep in mind that, in 2018, all marijuana use, sale, and/or possession is still against federal law, so PWT stongly supports federal legalization of cannabis.

Mahalo Nui, for the support you've shown Brian in your letters, and the petition to Governor Ige with over 11,000 signatures, our sign-waving demonstrations, and the colorful booth at Maui's Earth Day festival!Earth Day 2015




PWT Director Brian Murphy served 5 months in Maui jail for helping thousands of Hawai'i's registered medical marijuana patients acquire their medicine. He was released from jail on May, 7, 2015 (the same day that the dispensary bill was passed). We welcomed him back to continue his work helping medical cannabis patients gain safe access to their medical marijuana. It's been a long hard road!

Please, help us fund patient services and free video turtorials. We must take action to support patient’s rights, and raise awareness of the oppression of medical marijuana patients, and the importance and effectiveness of the medicinal properties of cannabis remedies.  Please  DONATE TODAY if you can.